I have been surprised by how few Celestial Steeds I have seen on my server.  Those that do appear seem to be generally ignored, in spite of some players’  best attempts to attract attention.  I have mixed feelings about the whole ‘mounts for money’ thing. Yes its nice that they bind to account so you never have to pay for a mount for a new character; but its the riding skill which really costs, and that still has to be bought.

And really, the horse just doesn’t look that great, especially on the ground. But at least they don’t clog the place up like mammoths, which seem to have a mail-box fetish, judging by the time they spend parked on top of them.

So, I will not be buying a sparkly horse….no I won’t.  My shaman will just have to put up with her elekk until I grind enough rep for something else.  I am apprehensive though – the vast amount of money generated by the sale of this mount must be giving Activision much food for thought.  And I worry how long Blizzard will be allowed to stick to their principles.

The day they start selling anything that has a real impact on the game, thats the day I go back to the sudoku.