I can’t quite believe its a whole year since my last post – and what a bumpy year its been!  I am, of course, still playing WoW, but almost everything in my gaming life has changed.

My much-loved guild fell apart during my enforced absence due to PC problems, largely due to the machinations of one rather unbalanced individual, friends I have played with for many months have quit the game, and of course the game itself is now very different.

So I am no longer a GM.  This has been a source of both sorrow & relief; sadness because my guild was ‘my baby’ and, yes, I enjoy being in charge of things.  Relief because I now have more freedom to just play the game entirely as I wish, with no responsibilities beyond normal officer duties in a casual guild.  And relief also in the knowledge that nothing in the game is ever likely to cause me so much hurt in the future.

The guild I am in now, which also includes many of my closest ingame friends, is proving to be a really good place to be.  I know some guilds are having trouble with recruitment, in part due to the guild levelling system, but we have had a steady influx of new people at all levels.  Our latest recruits are a group of friends who have seen the light and returned to Azeroth from a trip to play Rift.  Their experience will help our fledgling raid teams along, and I hope they are finding their return worthwhile.

I have taken my first steps into raid healing – first because it was what was needed in the team, but now because I actually enjoy it.  Its a steep learning curve, and I can’t pretend to be proud of some of my efforts, but with the support of my guild-mates, I hope I can learn and improve.

I will no doubt have more to say about the general state of the game as I see it – but for now, I shall continue to muddle along to the best of my abilities, picking up random achievements, and adding to my ever-growing list of alts. Of which, more in a later post.