So the new Firelands patch has arrived, the dust has settled, and more guild members are logging on every night than we have seen for months.   A combination of pc issues at home (having to share a pc with a Team Fortress fan isn’t easy) and some necessary guild admin due to an influx of new members, has rather limited my playtime this week.  I did manage to do the Thrall quest chain for my new cloak, but have only managed 1 day’s worth of dailies so far. I wasn’t impressed by the ‘chase the ghost deer’ one, but I was enjoying punting baby turtles until I was called away to an officers meeting.

I also did my first guild Firelands trash run last night – and I enjoyed it far more than I would have expected. The open expanses of the area give it a much less cramped feel than, say, Molten Core, or the initial trash of ICC.  There is actually room to move – although this is limited somewhat by the paths of patrolling mobs.

The encounters themselves proved less difficult than I had feared – our main tank had some experience and most of the pulls went well.  We wiped a couple of times when things went wrong, but nothing caused us any real problems.  Reputation gains seem to build up pretty quickly, I got a load of leather from the scorpions, and some gold too.

The thing that has amused me the most this week, however, is the bug which caused ‘random falling damage’.  I hearthed out of a BoT run with full health, only to have my health bar plummet by 90% whilst walking to the bank.  It was a classic ‘WTF!’ moment,  and must have been even more alarming for the players who actually died from it.

And so I head into the weekend, balloon in hand, ready to put out more fires, with a determination that I WILL get my dailies done,  and Team Fortress will just have to form a queue.