This has been a very strange week.  It has brought home to me just how much my gaming experience has changed in the last couple of years,  in all aspects, from the way I play to the people I associate with.  What happened was, two of my oldest in-game friends disappeared. One left because of some guild drama, one decided that, for personal reasons, he needed a ‘completely fresh start’, deleted everyone from realid and disappeared.

This finally brought home to me how few of the people who were once an everyday part of my play-time are now still around.  Of course I have made new friends, but I think the bonds made when you are new to the game, or new to a server, are special, and I, at least, mourn their loss.  Some friends have quit the game with a cheery good-bye and a chunk of gold for the guild bank, others have simply faded into the night leaving only a memory behind.

On a more practical note, the recent departure of those two individuals has thrown our fledgling plans for two raid teams into disarray – the loss of a well-geared tank and healer is bound to leave a mark, and has caused problems our hard-working GL could have done without,  especially as they were both officers and potential raid-leaders.  Add to that a sense of personal betrayal, and you can imagine the atmosphere over the last few days.

Luckily we have new members who are willing to help – I do not yet know them well, but I hope they will become friends as valuable as those I have lost . Like first love, first ingame friendships cannot be repeated, but in an ever-changing community, there is always the possibility of new contacts – there is no point in looking backwards.

P.S.  Does anyone else think there is something rather ‘Monty Python’ about the sight of a tank heading towards a Firelands boss carrying a balloon?