Our motley crew finally managed to get the Lich King on heroic mode last night.  Its something we’ve been trying to do for ages, and we were held up for a long time due to a targetting bug ( Blizz – a ‘known issue’ :P) on the Blood Princes.  With a group consisting of mainly ranged dps, some of whom had not done the fight in normal mode, we didn’t make it easy for ourselves. 16 wipes later (yes, 16!) we finally got our act together and got the kill.

But getting the title was a bonus, in truth – I think our main achievement was the triumph of stubborness over good sense.  I was so proud of our group – no-one ever suggested giving up, or coming back tomorrow, or pretended their cat was on fire to get away from the fight.  And that is partly due to the nature of that particular encounter – in my opinion, one of Blizzard’s best.  With every wipe, we could see some progress, people learnt to deal with a new set of circumstances, and the dangled carrot of the kill could be seen to be that little bit nearer.

It was an awesome evening, which I hope will be remembered by those who took part – it took team-work, concentration and good humour, and I am proud to say that I was there.  I know it is not on a par with a Ragnaros kill, but as a testament to how a group of raid-inexperienced players can have fun together in spite of deaths and repair bills, it was epic.