So now we know – the race that was most requested is to be implemented, and now half the player-base seem to have changed their minds. It does make you realise how difficult a game designer’s job must be! Admittedly, forum posters are a very vocal minority of players, but the extremes of reaction have made for entertaining reading.

I have no problem with pandaren as a playable race, and the new monk class sounds interesting. My main concern is the rather ‘Disney-ish’ nature of the scenery and architecture – to me it looks rather cartoony and could do to be somehow hardened up and aged, as befits an ancient civilisation.

I have mixed feelings about the ‘Pokemon’ – type plans for companion pets; I am a pet collector and I can see the benefit of this type of mini-game, but I am undecided about it. And, of course, there is always the possibility that, along with other announced changes, it won’t be seen in the final game – something which does not seem to occur to the more rabid forum lurkers.

I welcome most of the other changes – PVE scenarios, a reworking of talents to allow more choice (in theory), the shifting of focus to the Horde v. Alliance conflict, challenge mode for dungeons etc. And the best news of all, a possible and long-overdue upgrade to older character models.

Yes, WoW is catering to a different audience now, and there will be a proportion of players who dislike any change to a game in which they have invested inordinate amounts of time and effort. But I very much doubt that this will be ‘the death of Wow’ as foretold by some. I hope that in fact the opposite is true – that those who left because of boredom and frustration in Cata will be tempted back by the new expansion of the world.

I just wish people would remember that Asia, pandas, and kungfu existed long before ‘that movie’, and give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt until we see the final product.