I’ve been seeing a lot on various wow-related sites lately about the general unpleasantness in random dungeon groups, and given my experiences over the last couple of days I have to say I think that behaviour is getting worse.  A few months ago, I lvled my shaman largely through the dungeon finder, & had very few bad groups. Not all successful, but good humoured. However, my priest is now lvl 51, and having to run Blackrock (prison) and Sunken Temple.

In the last 2 days, I’ve had one group where the tank & melee dps were obviously half-way through an argument which continued until their lack of attention got us all killed, complete with appalling language and personal insults.  In another group, the tank was fully kitted out in heirlooms and ran straight into a higher level part of the instance – ‘I’m just doing this for rep’ – resulting in the healer being unable to cope, and another wipe.

In neither of these groups was there any party chat at all, not even ‘hi’. In one case the tank was yelling for buffs as he was charging towards the first pack of mobs, and then yelling some more when a slightly confused paladin couldn’t keep up. This sounds as if I have a grudge against tanks – I don’t, but I do think that the tank can set the tone for the whole run.  To be fair, the ‘gogogo’ often comes from an over-geared healer or ranged dps – but no matter who it comes from, its inconsiderate to party members who may have never done the instance before, or who have quests to complete.

In the dungeons at this level, a wipe almost always leads to people leaving the group, as it is so hard to find your way back in again, and frankly if the group is unpleasant it’s not worth the bother of trying.  Chances are, you’ll be back in the same dungeon by the time your res sickness has worn off.

So if I could make one plea to players using the LFG tool, it would be this: start slowly, speak to party members, and don’t bring lvl 80 attitudes to lower levels. Its not big and its not clever – try using less ‘war’ and more ‘craft’.  If randoms annoy you, why do them? Surely if you’re that great, your guildies will want to run with you? No?